ASUS LolliFlash: Review

Asus LolliFlash

During my review of the Zenfone 2, I indicated that it could well be my next smartphone upgrade. Guess what, ASUS fulfilled my desire by letting me keep the review unit! That is an extremely thoughtful gesture and a recognition of my influence as Singapore tech gadgets review site. I am truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with ASUS over the years, seeing how they evolve their products and changing their strategies to improve their standing in the competitive global market.


ASUS also threw in a couple of accessories for me to review, which I will share over the next few days.


ASUS LolliFlash

Asus LolliFlash


It’s a self-powered dual-LED accessory with 3 brightness levels, which means you can use it on any smartphone. The advantage of a flash with constant lighting is that under poor lighting, you can see your shot before it is taken. Using built-in flash, you would not know the result until you review the image.


Asus LolliFlash


Another advantage of LolliFlash is that you can light up for selfies, which most smartphones do not have. And as you can see below, the additional light source makes quite a difference.

Asus LolliFlash Test Front Camera


With a separate light source like LolliFlash, you can also attempt creative lighting shots like off-camera shots. So, while taking food, you can move the LolliFlash anywhere to manage the harsh shadows. You can also use the included coloured diffusers to alter the light quality.


However, the built-in flash appears to be more powerful than LolliFlash, as shown below.

Asus LolliFlash Test Rear Camera


ASUS LolliFlash is a fun accessory in many colours, available in ASUS Singapore online store at S$17.90.

Where To Buy

You can purchase the accessory from the ASUS Singapore Online Store.


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