I am introducing an audio review rating graph to my audio product reviews so that readers can visualise the perceived quality of the products across the frequency bands.

Currently, the overall product rating I provided might not reflect the differing audio quality across the frequency bands. Product A may produce great bass, while Product B is better in midrange. So readers would need to read my entire review to get this information.

I hope this graph will give readers a quick assessment on what to expect from the audio product without reading too much into the article.

Here is an example on how the graph may be interpreted.

Above is my rating for my recent review of the Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear M2 headphones. In a glance, it says I enjoy the bass quality, and the treble area is pretty good too, while midrange seems to be on the weak side.

For the other Sennheiser PMX686 SPORTS headphones, the quality appears to be well balanced across the frequency band.

Note also that a product with a low score in some frequency bands does not imply the overall product is poor. Ultimately, all the bands play their part to deliver the music for complete enjoyment. For instance, I would rate a subwoofer “9” for sub-bass but “0” for treble, while a mini speaker could get a rating “5” across the bands. Yet, the mini speaker sounds better than the standalone subwoofer.

For UE+ Eupho speaker, sub-bass and hi-treble are certainly weak for such a small speaker, but I give high rating overall.

I will only update audio reviews of recent months, so if there are some products that you want me to create, drop me a mail and I will accede.

Article written by Chester Tan http://musicphotolife.com/

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