Noontec Hammo: Headphones Review

Noontec is not an established brand in Singapore, but has quite a presence in overseas market like the U.S., where their products are sold and reviewed extensively online.

The Hammo model has been on sale for over a year, and it’s now available in Singapore, distributed by Sprint-Cass Singapore (Signeo). The Noontec Hammo is an over-the-ear stereo headphone with Surround Closed-Cavity Body (SCCB) acoustic technology, hypoallergenic earmuffs, and a high-sensitivity microphone for voice calls. It’s priced at recommended retail price of S$149 and available at HMV, Mustafa, Lucky Store, Changi Aiport (T3 – Electronics Hub and T2 – iSound).

I find that the Hammo produces a relatively flat frequency response, with adequate bass presence, conservative highs, and prominent mids. Instrumentation sounds somewhat muddy and suffers from lingering reverbs. During busy music passages, each instrument pits against one another to make themselves heard.

Despite the sluggish and unexciting output, I think the headphones is capable of achieving a more dynamic audio quality. After applying equaliser adjustments – upping the bass and treble – the music turns out to be more dimensional. For listeners who prefer natural frequency delivery without exaggerated soundstaging, the Noontec Hammo is a capable pair of headphones.

The package comes with a hard case. The headphones can be folded for compact carrying, an excellent design which all large headphone makers should include. The overall build quality is quite good, though I am not so sure if the white plastic surface will be scratch and dirt resistant.

Product characteristics:

  • Adjustable headband
  • Piano crafting finish
  • Adaptive ear muffs made of protein cotton material
  • High sensitive cable microphone
  • Fold-up design
  • Flat and detachable audio cable
  • 24k gold plated connector and OFC oxygen-free copper cable


  • Driver diameter: 50mm
  • Frequency response:5~30,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity at 1 KHz 1mW: 105dB
  • Input impedance : 32Ω
  • Max power :100mW
  • Audio cable length: 1.2m
  • Weight:240g

Reviewed by Chester Tan
Rating: 3.5 of 5

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