TackThis Advocates: Share Products, Earn Commissions

TackThis Advocates is a new online platform that allows you to share products through blogs and social channels.

In the past, you may have been sharing your reviews on products through your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and some readers may even have made purchases because of your recommendations. Now, TackThis Advocates allows you to earn from your readers’ purchase actions. Your readers do not have to seek other means to buy the product, because they can purchase the product right from your post itself.

It’s rather easy to achieve this. After signing an account with TackThis Advocates, look for the products in the catalog. Insert the widget codes that are generated for you on your posts or blogs and wait for your readers to buy your recommendations. The system then tracks purchases and credit the commissions to you.

I have had an opportunity to preview this idea from the COO and co-founder of the company who created TackThis Advocates, Damian Chow of Singapore-based Paywhere Pte Ltd, and I believe this is a fantastic online model. I also shared with him that TackThis Advocates can be successful only if the products on sale are available only from this website and if the prices are low enough to encourage impulse purchases. These 2 factors are critical because consumers shouldn’t require too much research on products, lest they wander off the website and end up buying from other sales channels. The low price that translates to lower purchase risk will encourage people to click the “Buy” button confidently.

To keep the selling price low, the Advocate products are offered on a volume sales basis. That is, if the target volume is not met, the sale is cancelled. It might not work well if consumers need to buy the products for an upcoming occasion and the order might not be confirmed.

Currently, there are a handful of interesting products in the catalog that looks attractive, affordable, and unique. To benefit from the TackThis Advocates programme, I will blog about them in separate posts, why, so that you can buy them and I can earn commission!

Visit their website and join to start earning your own commissions easily.

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