Samsung Galaxy S: Some Simple Fixes for Minor Bugs

Do you face the following problems on your Samsung Galaxy S? If yes, then these are some simple fixes so that you do not have to waste time rebooting the phone:

Problem: sometimes, the phone notification or ringtone is played through the ear speaker rather than through the back speakers.
Solution: make a call to anyone, e.g. voice mail. Select “Speaker” mode. Then hang up. Thereafter, audio will revert to the back speakers.

Problem: sometimes, apps that require data connection cannot connect online, and therefore all live feeds stopped. This happened to me on Whatsapp.
Solution: turn on “Airplane” mode. Wait a while, then deactivate “Airplane” mode. Soon, apps will start to receive data feeds.

Problem: When turning on Wifi, it hits error, or hangs. Pressing “Wifi” checkbox a few times might get it working, or it might return the same error again.
Solution: turn on “Airplane” mode. Wait a while, then deactivate “Airplane” mode. After a while, the “Wifi” option will be available for you to try turning on again. Note: sometimes I find this method does not work consistently. But I would try again after a while and it would work.

If you never face the above problems, good on you. If you do, this is how I get the phone running again without rebooting.

My phone firmware:
– Froyo (Android 2.2 I9000DXJPB)
– SpeedMod kernel K13E

For the record, as of 26 April 11.30pm, my phone has been running continuously without rebooting for more than 8 days 13 hours.

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