Morning Ivy

Apart from wedding day shoot, this session is my earliest hour portraiture photoshoot I’ve ever done. Ivy reached the shoot location at 7.30am and I appeared shortly after. The location is just a grass field in the midst of the HDB estate, rather uninspiring I would say. But well, you won’t be able to tell from the photos anyway. It’s all about framing.

Shooting in the morning allows me to get the sun and flares in the photos without feeling too hot. Due to sleep needs (photographers and models alike), most of the casual outdoor photoshoots tend to happen after 9am. By then, the sun would be too high up, too strong and too hot.

I am fortunate to have Ivy waking up extra early and traveling a long distance from her house to the location. She was one of the models who expressed her interest to collaborate a shoot with me months back, but most importantly, responded to my replies promptly when I told her of my morning shoot idea.

For this shoot, I aim to achieve that hazy look typical of what happened when light hits the lenses. Again, inspired by lomography. It’s very challenging to shoot against the sunlight. I wasn’t able to keep looking at the viewfinder all the time, and the camera is unable to focus properly.

After the session, we reviewed the photos at the void deck of the HDB flat. And then it started to get breezy and Ivy’s hair was flying around. I liked what I saw and told her to keep it that way while I took a few shots, which turned out to be my absolute favourites for the session.

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