The Seed Of Love

For my latest photostory, Ashlyn approached me months before her big wedding day. Tapping my specialisation in photostory, she requested me to create a video that will express her appreciation to the man that she loves.

The photo session took place in December 2009, and was broadcast during their wedding reception on 6 Feb 2010.

For weeks after the shoot, I had no idea how to start creating the photostory. I had the script, I had the photos, but I need the soundtrack. Then …

I was stuck on a photo montage project, until I got inspiration from one of my compositions and decided to use it as the soundtrack. #fb from yoono

The answer is “Shyanne”, a track from my Piano Spa 4 album. The music seems very apt because it doesn’t sound too depressing or too cheerful. A nice fit to the whole story, about reflection of the past, drawing an understated emotion which builds after the chorus, into the climax, before echoing into the coda. The music ends in an open unresolved chord, signifying a journey that does not end.

The original idea was to get Ashlyn to narrate the text, but during the draft, I inserted the text and showed to her. She liked it that way. For that, I had to make the montage move slower so that the viewer can read the text and absorb the images.

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