ISO 102400 with Nikon D3s and Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

I didn’t even have time to blog about Nikon’s D3S announcement, and Canon throws out the EOS-1D Mark IV. And I’m not going to compare both cameras and advise which one is better. Seriously, if you have to wonder which camera is better for you, you are probably just starting out on your professional photography journey of which you have a lot more things to worry about than a DSLR body.

What I want to share here is that the image sensor’s sensitivity is advancing so much that it is possible to shoot in the darkest situations. With such a remarkable development, journalistic photography takes another leap. And not forgetting the ability to do high-definition video recording. Remember the days when we scorn at ISO 1600? Now we have another benchmark to mock at. ISO 102,400? Sounds sinful, but in no time, we’d be embracing it like a god-send wonder tool.

The rest of the DSLR make-up remains pretty much the same. AF-sensors, frames per second, better LCD monitor, faster image processing capability. Obviously Canon has a better offering given they are in the professional DSLR market for so many years. Nikon’s just barely started, but it’s doing very well in delivering what users want. And it has the competitor to look up to.

If you are only interested in the numbers, head over the DPReview to get your fix. To me, you are never wrong with either cameras.

Nikon D3s
Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

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