The D3X Verdict

Shot using D300 and Tamron 90mm, window light

Just submitted my D3X review to T3. Watch out for my review article, signed off as CT, on the magazine. And if you can’t find my name on the contributor list page, that’s because they left out my name occasionally.

In a nutshell, the D3X is no different from the D3, but offering different imaging extremes. For D3, you get high ISO performance; with D3X, you get low ISO high-pixel details. Yet this difference is worth over S$6000. Ironically, I don’t feel like I am handling a $13k equipment. Perhaps, only Photoshop addicts could appreciate the image details that the D3X captures.

For my style of shoot, I prefer D700: it’s got same fps as D3X, but it’s lightweight and delivers identical ISO performance as D3. D3 users are action-shooters that needs 9 fps. D3X users are poster-men who want details at every pixel. But to fully exploit the beauty of D3X requires you to shoot at low ISO. That’s not to say that D3 is incapable of details at low ISO, but in that respect, there is no fight between a 12mp and a 24.5mp sensor.

On an unrelated note, I did a family shot of a dancer-teacher friend, Soo Poh. She’ll be featured in a Mother’s Day article and needed the photos. These 2 photos are selected for the publication:

Shot at her house with the D300 using SB-900 shoot-through a white umbrella on the right of camera at 1/8, and a SB-800 on hotshoe bounced straight to ceiling at 1/4.

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