The curious case of the shrinking Carls Jr. burgers and motionless toilet business

1. Carls Jr. burgers have shrunk!

Last week, I went to Carls Jr. at Vivocity and ordered one Portobello Mushroom Burger with chilli beef fries, to share with my wife. When it came, we were appalled at the size and thickness. It’s probably just the size of a BK Whopper. Whatever happened to the traditionally-huge serving? Paying more than $10 for a burger that puny? Looks like Carls Jr. is getting it quite wrong.

(edit 20 Apr 2009: my wife told me that when she went to the Big Splash outlet today, the burger was big as was before. Perhaps the above shrinking experience was a one-off.)

2. Motion Sensor in Toilets

If you are using the toilets for big and long business, just remember not to be alarmed if the lights suddenly go down on you – while you are on the throne. I experienced that, and fortunately it was in broad daylight. You might want to get hold of some objects to throw out of your cubicle to attract the attention of the sensor, like newspapers

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