Grace P

A fashion shoot was planned with a model weeks in advance. And we were counting down to the actual shoot day. But days before the shoot, there were signs that indicate that the shoot might not proceed as planned. First, she was busy with both school and modeling assignments. Then she requested to ‘downgrade’ the shoot from an actual shoot to a test shoot (difference is that we’re not going all out in terms of hiring MUA, bringing all the attires). Finally, on the eve of the shoot, she went down with a bad diarrhoea. Cancellation seemed imminent.

So I quickly looked through my waiting list of models and see which ones are suited for the theme and location. Challenge is: I only have their email address, and asking them via email might be too slow. I had to also consider the possibility that more than one might agree, then I would have to reject those unselected again. I needed a more immediate kind of communication, like IM or mobile phone, to discuss the last-minute arrangements quickly.

Grace was lucky. She happened to be online at the right time. Grace was lucky, she was available and was willing to start the shoot at 7.30am.

I was lucky. I got the shots.

Special thanks to Ervine for giving me new perspectives in processing my photos.


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