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Maintaining a blog is a sure way to forge an online identity if you are serious to establish yourself on the World Wide Web.

It is easy to fake an identity, hiding behind a user name and run amok in your verbal actions as if you will never hurt anyone like you could in the real world.

But if you have a blog that runs for years, you are guaranteed to have international alibis – people who follow your blog for a long period of time, who reads and follows your life over the entire period. They will attest to your personality – good or bad.

The blog is a personal space where you can write whatever you want people to see you as (not necessarily your true self). But it’s ironic how someone could pretend to have another personality when he or she is not in real person. Think about it: if you knew how to pretend to have another personality, why can’t you be that person in real life? If you ‘pretend’ to be nice to people in blogs, wouldn’t that be convenient to be just that person in real life?

So seriously, don’t pretend. Just be who you are in blogs. Write what you feel, say what you think.

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday, which coincided with my sis’ wedding banquet food-tasting session. So we conveniently celebrated his birthday at the restaurant.

It’s a rare photo moment that I capture Dad with such a hearty smile. That’s our gift for him, a Raoul shirt that he can wear on my sis wedding.

Mayenne and Grandad synchronises their looks for the camera

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