White Dog Cafe and Henderson Waves

After a photoshoot yesterday, I met me wifey for dinner at Vivocity. Not knowing what to eat, we wandered and chanced upon White Dog Cafe. I had craving for western food and admittedly the menu photos are tantalizing. But we left and looked around further and saw Earle Swensen’s. After reviewing the menu, finding the price a little higher and the food photos rather clinical, we headed back to White Dog Cafe.

We shared the clam chowder, I ordered the Tenderloin Steak and she took the Lamb Chop. Soup came with steam but I was surprised it was lukewarm. Microwaved, I believe. But the taste was good, with generous servings of clam and 2 shells.

The main course came moments later. For once, I finished the side dishes – salad, corn and whipped potato. They’re good, especially the potato, nicely concocted. The steak isn’t as juicy as expected, but was tender enough. The lamb chop has lots of fats, but otherwise tastier than the steak.

We decided to have dessert. I ordered the Bailey’s Coffee while she order the crème brûlée.
The coffee’s alchoholic content kicked in making my face red. The brulee was too sweet for my liking but removing the top-layer sugar made is slightly better.

Total bill: $80.

I’ll be going back again someday to try their chef’s recommendation: beef stew, and the warm chocolate cake dessert.

As I was driving back, I suddenly remembered about the park connectors at the Mount Faber vicinity that was recently built. We then detoured to the Telok Blangah Hill, parked there, and walked to the Henderson Waves, one of the highest pedestrian bridges in Singapore.

At 69.59 metres above sea level, the feeling is one of calm and isolation, a feeling that you could only get if you stay in high-rise apartments. There isn’t any spectacular viewpoints there, just another place that you can go to seek solace and hopefully some sea breeze.

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