You See, You’ll See

Just want to share this music video of a song I love many years ago. It was written by Madonna and my favourite music producer, David Foster.

I don’t listen to it anymore because the song is rather depressing and it doesn’t relate to my current emotion. But it did during my teens.

I always pay attention to the melody and the music arrangements of songs more than the lyrics. So I love to get hold of CD singles with extended versions (NOT club remixes) or minus-one instrumentals. This song has it, and so is another of my favourite Madonna song, “This Used To Be My Playground”.

I am a selective music listener. I listen what I like, and I don’t bombard myself with hundreds of songs just to expand my music knowledge. I really should, but I can’t. With my listening behaviour, I cannot do that. What’s my listening behaviour? I pay attention to music. Music cannot be just a background noise. Everywhere I go, when I hear something that I like, I’ll pay attention to it and forget everything else.

So imagine if I’m plugged in to the radio or MP3 playlist all the time, I will not be able to do any work. Nothing. So even at home when I am doing photography editing, I do it without any music playing on the background.

It’s so ironic that a musician like me is unable to listen to music at all times.

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