More Blessings. Less Choices.

I got a wife. I got a child. I got a job. I got many hobbies.

I got a flat. I got a car. I got some money.

Think I have a good life?

I don’t indulge in entertainment. I don’t appreciate fine dining. I don’t go clubbing. I don’t meet up with friends regularly. I don’t go shopping as a past-time. I don’t indulge in TV. I don’t play game consoles. I don’t play shares. I don’t watch soccer or any sports.

Think I have a fulfilled life?

While I could have asked for more, it could have been worse.

You could live life to the edge, or you live life like a square.

I think I have a positively-compromised life. (I must include “positively” because “compromised” is always associated with a negative connotation)

Whenever you think your life is not good enough, imagine it could be bad.

If you think your life now is bad, imagine it could be worse.

Like anything else, you have a choice.

The only challenge is, with each choice you make, there is a consequence.

And as you grow older, as you get more dependents (either living or non-living entities), each choice becomes harder.

But the choice is still out there.

At times, I wished I was still young and studying, so that I can enjoy life and have fun. But I forgot the “trauma” of education and all the adolescence-related emotional struggles (school bullies, BGR, parental pressures, etc.), as well as the financial woes of not able to own what I desired.

Having lived through all that, all I can say is: I’m glad those days are over. I’m sure 30 years later, when I enjoy my retirement days, I’d look back now on the things I do for money, and I would say: I’m glad those days are over.

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