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My latest music album project is finally going to be released, according to my agent. The moment I got hold of the cover design images, I promptly created a web site, as I always did for all my other albums, Timeless and Piano Spa series. These are not official websites from the record label, but it’s important to establish a web presence to let people search for album information on the web.

The web is really a powerful platform. Everyone should make a small effort to post information of their own products and services so that anyone can find information about them. Whenever someone tells me of a product, a service, a shop name, a person, a news, the first thing I do is to search online for information and validation. So if I can’t find anything on the Internet regarding something, I will cast doubts on it.

This is my first commercial album on songs are not my originals. As the title suggests, this 24-track album features some of the most popular rock songs on the planet. But, instead of the “rocky” style, I re-arranged them to my trademark piano instrumental style. Some arrangements are totally unlike the original, while others carry similar feel.

If you enjoy these rock songs and want to enjoy them in a more conducive and less rocky feel, get this album for an alternative listen. If you hate rock songs, get this album to enjoy piano music.

What songs can you expect? Here’s the track listing:

Disc One

  1. Love Of A Lifetime
  2. More Than Words
  3. Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough
  4. The Flame
  5. Winds of Change
  6. November Rain
  7. Love Will Keep Us Alive
  8. When I See You Smile
  9. When The Children Cry
  10. Carrie
  11. When I’m With You
  12. Always

Disc Two

  1. Was It Nothing At All
  2. More Than Words Can Say
  3. I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing
  4. Listen To Your Heart
  5. Alone
  6. High Enough
  7. Every Rose Has Its Thorns
  8. Love Is On The Way
  9. Wonderful Tonight
  10. Where Are You Now
  11. Faithfully
  12. To Be With You

Visit for a sneak preview of the album.

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