Quiet, Don’t Tell Her the MP3s are here

I’ve been doing so much photo taking and editing that I have not touched on my music side of me for the past month, so I decided to arrange 2 pop songs.

“Quiet” 安静 by Jay Chou, is a favourite song to many many people out there. I remember my cousin asking me to teach her how to play this song a few years back, and she only had electone organ training which she stopped for a hundred over months. My arrangement uses the warm pad and strings as accompanying instruments to my piano.

The other song I did is “Don’t Tell Her” 不要对她说 by Jeff Chang. A 1995 oldies by pop song standard, songs like this are worth reminiscing. I was reminded of this song when I saw one of Huirong’s blog post.

The songs can be listened on my IMEEM playlist at the top right of my blog.

One comment
  1. aLiCia

    My dear cousin,
    I’m still very “into” tis song. Thks for everything.. (how about a song ‘Zhu Wo Sheng Re Kuai Le’ by Wen Lan) (“,)

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