Car Servicing: Episode 1000km

Wow, the car has covered 1000km on wheels in just about a month. So today I took half a day and sent the car for a free servicing.

I have prepared a list of complaints hoping that the service advisor (SA) can do something. Well, it turned out to be non-issues.

First, I mentioned that the engine vibrated around 2000rpm. He said it was a normal engine behaviour, something about the torque.

Then, I asked why the car door require so much effort to shut it. He explained that it was due to the cabin pressure and the excellent rubber seals around the car doors. He then demonstrated opening one of the car doors, and I tried closing again. Indeed, it was effortless.

Then I complained that there was some ‘clok clok’ sounds from somewhere, as if something lose. Unfortunately, that sound refused to appear. I guess if that sound is a result of something serious, it would recur again some time, some day.

So after a test ride, I got nothing out of the car. In other words, the car is functioning perfectly well. I waited for 2 hours before the servicing is completed. Basically, they checked everything inside out of the car, from the light indicators to engine to wheels. And they washed the car clean as well. That’s my favourite part.

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