New Responsibility

Yesterday, we celebrated Angie mum’s birthday at Marina Square. And Mayenne had her very first shopping outing after that. We walked for nearly 4 hours as we went to look for baby stuffs (what else). Mayenne was doing rather well, but even the best baby has limitations.

I think Mummy would have more thoughts about the shopping episode, so hop over to her blog and read how she felt. And I am quite proud to know that Angie is getting very creative in her blog entries. I really like the post about Mayenne’s “tongue exercise“. Mind you, she took all the photos too.

This week, I will have another new member in my family – my Chevrolet Optra Magnum car. Like a baby, the car carries a heavy responsibility that is putting me in a constant grueling process of getting the best deal in everything.

– firstly, getting the right car with best value and least known problems (thankfully over)
– deciding on the right colour (again we settled on that already)
– deciding on the right rims and tyres (we just made our final decision)
– deciding on the best paint protection system (still thinking)
– deciding on the best servicing package (haven’t thought about it yet)
– deciding on the best petrol (someone recommended Shell)
– deciding on the best product for car care (need I?)
– deciding on the cheapest carparks to park when going to city (ongoing exercise)
– deciding on what to do when my car gets worn and torn during usage (hopefully not often!)
– finally, driving with car in the treacherous traffic

I probably missed out lots of things that I need to note in owning a car, but those will come as time goes by.

“No other man-made device since the shields and lances of the ancient knights fulfills a man’s ego like an automobile” — William Rootes

Sadly, societal pressure has forced me to look for an automobile that fills the ego. A car that reflects my personality, my status. A family man, not a roadster.

I’m already having a hard time making myself look good when I go out. Now I have to make my car look presentable too.

Good thing Mayenne’s wardrobe is Mummy’s responsibility.

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