Angie’s Birthday Gift Adventure

I have long thought of what to get for Angie’s birthday – the Sony Ericsson P1i. I guess she also expected me to get it for her. Last year, I got her the M600i, which currently sells for more than half the price brand new.

I didn’t want to purchase too early or else the warranty would have kicked in. But this week was a crazy week for me. 19th, we had to go home early to get a birthday cake for Angie’s mum. 20th, we’re together whole day to collect car. 21st, there is a Mid-Autumn Festival party at my office and I was asked to perform some songs.

Fortunately, Angie is also away in the evening. Her company had D&D, and her mum decided to get her own dinner instead of me buying back. So now I can make a detour after work to buy the present. And it’s not just any mobile shop. I went specially to Mobilesquare at Far East Plaza where they sold the cheapest P1i in the market.

The multi-storey car park at Far East Plaza isn’t very car-friendly. The ramps are quite tight and I had a trying time navigating, party because I was driving my 1-day-old car.

After I got home, I pasted the screen protector and charged the phone. When she called me to pick her, I placed the phone in the box on the bed. After she got home, it took her a long while before she got into the bedroom. I was spying for her reaction outside the room, and when she finally saw the box and picked it up, I went into the room and wished her “Happy Birthday!”

The P1i is really good looking, much better than the M600i that she is using. There are brushed-metal finishing with rubber surfacing on the back of the phone, reminding me of the T68. The buttons are also easier to press than the M600i. On the whole, though, I still prefer my P990i way of key entry.

I know that photos will make blogs more interesting, but I have no strong intentions to ‘commercialise’ my blog. If I got photos and if I have time, I will post. Photos or lack of, well-wishers will read my posts thoroughly, and that’s my target audience. And if no one reads, this will just serve as an event log.

Car update: the air-con doesn’t seem to be cold enough, compared to my dad’s 4-year-old car. I’m definitely going back to the service centre within the next month. And the solar film also didn’t really perform as expected. Maybe I am expecting too much in our humid sunny island.

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