I Am Real – Jeff Chang

“I Am Real” (我是真的) is a classic Mandarin pop song that is very popular in 1995-96. Sung by the Prince of Ballad, Jeff Chang 张信哲, he was then THE artiste that epitomises love songs.

Huirong had just revamped her blog site with a new template, she asked me whether she should put a music player, and my first reaction was: NO. I personally hated sites that autoplays music in the background. Worse, some of these songs that played are loud and could literally make me jump off my chair.

But she was thinking of putting classical music, which was, well, better. And I quickly suggested putting my IMEEM playlist. Afterall, the playlist consists of my Piano Spa songs.

Anyway, she was a huge fan of Jeff Chang, but ironically, she was not even in her teens when Jeff was at the peak of his career. And it was indeed rare to find a young fan who loved his older songs, since most youth of her age would be ogling at the younger stars like Jay Chou or David Tao.

So I decided to arrange this popular song and uploaded to the IMEEM playlist, where her blog visitors (as well as mine) can enjoy it. Mind you, the last time I actually played this song was around 1998, but I finished arranging it in less than 30 minutes. So you can imagine how deeply familiar I was with this song. And any Chinese who is in or out of love in the late 1990s will know this song.

To listen to the song, please pick from the playlist on the right of the blog.

One comment
  1. huilin

    Jeff Chang’s Ballad songs in the past are nice…
    Much prefer his songs in the 90s than todays…

    Guess the trend has changed…
    But still..Jeff remains popular in China. Thats a bigger market for singers…=)

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