First Night – Rough

We had a rough first night at home. Baby refused to sleep after meals. After putting her down, she woke up and cried again. We found that her nose block is worsened after I applied the nose drip and it disrupted her feed. I slept at about 12am but my wife and the confinement lady went on to feed and pacify her till 3am, before she quietened down.

My wife was very very uncomfortable with the breastfeeding position. She was also very worried about Mayenne’s feeding difficulty that resulted in extended feeds. To ease her discomfort, I applied half day leave today to dash to Isetan to get the Medela breast pump ‘Swing’ model and the ‘Brest Friend’ support pillow for breastfeeding. Thanks to the Great Singapore Sale, I got good discounts. I also took a trip to Thomson Medical Centre to buy the cloth recommended by our antenatal consultant, Mrs. BB Wong, at Parentcraft.

The purchases are worth every penny. The breast pump works on both batteries and AC adaptor, and it’s quiet and light, Angie can now express her milk conveniently. The Brest Friend pillow also works great.

It’s almost midnight and Mayenne seems to be sleeping well. Hope the overnight feed is shorter and easier for Mummy.

Beautiful feet


Sleep time…

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