Memory Slip

I was clearing my old card bills and receipts. Looking at some of these transactions brought back memories on the events that resulted in the spending. A dinner at a nice restaurant, a purchase at a shopping mall. These items are more valuable than a diary entry. It’s a time stamp in life.

But I’ve decided to throw them away instead of keeping them. As much as I would like to be reminded of these nice times, I have to look ahead. These items hold us back. If I were to keep these items and one day I do dig them out again, it would be indeed nice to bring back those memories, but then I would be spending time reminiscing these moments instead of doing more constructive things.

Yes, I am pragmatic, and throughout my life I have been struggling with decisions between my head and my heart. It was never a clear choice for me. Sometimes I contradict myself, but in most cases the head wins.

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