The Promise

I gave myself a break from blogging yesterday, on Christmas Day.

Anyway, my blogging experiment is coming close to an end.

What do I mean? I mean I will stop blogging every day.


Coz I found that blogging is not like writing diary.

With blogging, you are very conscious that what you write will be read (or WANT to be read) by visitors. With diary, you really can write anything, with meaning that only you can decipher.

Therefore, it is simply pointless to blog everyday for the sake of blogging.

Blog =/= Diary

But there are benefits. Blogging has forced me to find something to write everyday. Feels like a news journalist, where one must churn out some article everyday for the readers.

I might continue daily, I might not.

The future will never be certain, which is why I never make big promises. Small promises are worth the risk (like, buy groceries), coz even if it’s broken, there is no big problem. Then there are situations where you are pretty certain you can deliver, and therefore you offer your promise.

So my only promise is: I will blog every day until the end of 2006 (with the exception of Christmas Day. Hey, even The Straits Times got their break today).

One comment
  1. Jaslyn

    Best way to write whatever u like and want on your own blog is to keep it as private as possible. Dont link people, dont comment on ppl’s blogs.. dont tell too many ppl about ur blog :p

    But then again, dont have to force urself to blog everyday. Even I dont do that anymore. I just blog as and when I got things to say. I can blog 3 times a day with diff topics and different feelings.

    Happy blogging!

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