Our Studio Is Born

5 months ago, I visited Philip’s office, Geckomedia, at Sing Avenue for the first time, to discuss about some on-location commercial shoot for his client’s brochure. When I saw his kitchen area, I told him that it’s a good size for studio photography. He took the idea, and so I started listing down the essential items to buy for a start.
After the final touches of fixing the backdrop bracket and clearing the place of rubbish, the studio was finally ready for testing. Yesterday, I went to the office to test out the lighting and set-up. Philip got Alex to be our test subject. The objective of the studio is for Geckomedia to do in-house studio photography for his clients. And since Geckomedia is the official media partner for Musical Theatre Society (MTS), the studio will also be used to photograph artists for their promotional materials and album covers. At this moment, he has no plans to open the studio for public use.

For a start, we only purchased 2 lighting strobes and 3 backdrop colours. It’s sufficient only for standard portraits, but I’m quite happy with the results.

The studio really belongs to Philip (and his company) and I am just the residential photographer, but I was proud to be involved in setting up the studio. It’s a very big step for me into commercial photography and I’m looking forward to working closely with him to produce sellable images.

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