Amazing Rain

Rain still persisted the whole day. Just thinking aloud: with so much water descending upon our little island, we have deprived other parts of the world with rainwater. That I guess is the nature of Nature: to destroy in order to rebuild. When population gets too much to handle, some catastrophe will come wiping out a few digits of human population (sometimes with the help of humans ourselves).

But what is so special about the human race that make us right to destroy families of animals by killing them for food or pleasure? If it’s right of us, then shouldn’t Nature have the right to cleanse the over-populated human race once in a while? After all, we forced Her to do it, with our industrialised pollution activities. She knew if this were to carry on without intervention, Earth would be uninhabitable.

They don’t name Mother Nature for nothing, for Nature is above us all, for Nature gives living organisms life, for Nature manipulates our destiny. Look around us: everything we see belongs to Nature: computer keyboards made from plastic, watches made from metal, clothes made from cotton, bricks made of earth. Who are we to fool?

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